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PhilliMAK – Love You (Down) lyrics

We can’t fight this feeling anymore. Our passions are taking us for a ride. I’m in ecstasy. Let me show you all the right moves. It’s not that we don’t want to wait. And we can’t deny the fact that
We melted into love. It’s too much for us to bear. For some bubbles. Right for some loving. And light some candles, baby. Baby I can’t live without you. The talk is cheap. Lay you on my bed
And let me love you down tonight. We rewrote passion. Tonight it’s all we do. The room is dim. I’ll make you come back for more suga baby. Let me love you right tonight. Let’s hop in the hot tub. [Verse 2]
Let me touch your body, baby. Let me love you right tonight. Make some noise. And baby I can’t control myself. [Verse 1]
Turn off the lights. And you’re the one I want to get nasty with. We want to be with each other. [Chorus]
Break out the bubbly wine
Cuz you’re sure to be mine. Baby I can love you (down). There is nobody I want more than you. Let me love you down. We’re just being realistic. [Chorus]
And I want to love you (down). I’ll make you scream. And it’s not healthy to wait. The mood is right. Cuz tonight I wanna give you some suga.