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Rapper Phresher Talks Eminem Collaboration “Its Raw AF”

Phresher, who is featured on Em’s song “Chloraseptic,” spoke with Complex yesterday where he revealed that Eminem reached out to him after hearing his track “Wait A Minute.” He said the rap titan then flew to New York to meet with him where they spent eight hours recording a new track. So why would he seek out a guest verse from a no name rapper? The hook is just [crazy]. That’s the perfect word for it. It’s at your throat like Chloraseptic. Rapper Phresher says his collaboration with Eminem on Revival is “raw as f**k.”
Slim Shady revealed the official tracklist for his new album on Tuesday and the internet nearly went nuts trying to decipher every track title and every guest feature. Just cutthroat, at your throat music. “The emotions is just turnt up. It’s just awesome, man. Eminem went crazy on it.”
Phresher also revealed that the producer behind the single is Denaun Porter and he recorded his portion of the song on the spot. Eminem new album Revival arrives on December 15. Just going off, you get what I’m saying? It’s a turnt up record. Like, I’m on you, you know what I’m saying? We going off. It’s raw. Phresher, who is an up-and-coming rapper, is the only rap artist to get a feature on the project, the rest of the guest list is made up of pop and R&B artists like Ed Sheeran, Pink, Beyonce, and Alicia Keys. The record is about just spitting, man. RELATED: Eminem Taps Ed Sheeran, Beyonce, Alicia Keys For ‘Revival’ Album [Tracklist]
“Yeah, it’s raw as f**k, man,” he said. Eminem going off. Eminem is one of those rare artists who can get whoever they want on a song or on an album, he has worked with the biggest of the biggest, and move massive numbers when it comes to music sales. Real right-at-you music.