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Shania Twain’s New Music Inspired by Struggle: I Had to Learn to Dream

By Greg Sacidor
For the first time in 15 years, Shania Twain is ready to release new music – music that was shaped by her tumultuous upbringing. “That only came to me after a really long life of struggling.”
During Twain’s childhood, violence was prevalent in her home. the stage is now set for Twain’s next collection of music. Related: Shaina Twain Premieres ‘Life’s About to Get Good’
“On the outside, I look like a normal person with all the blessings that everybody could imagine,” Twain told Shelly Easton of 92.5 XTU in Philadelphia. As too was the struggle with hunger. Now soon-to-be five albums later, Twain has gone from a struggling child to an 18-time Grammy Award nominee and five-time winner. These are vital decisions.”
While it was “very hard to find optimism” in such an environment, Twain was able to learn how to dream by watching her mother’s suffering. “We were hungry a lot of the times. Nearly 15 years after the release of her diamond-certified album Up! Twain’s new album Now, which will feature the Canadian artist’s latest single “Life’s About To Get Good,” will be released September 29. A lot of months we had to decide if we were going to get groceries or pay the hydro bill.