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Lorde Discusses Painful Inspiration Behind ‘Writer in the Dark’

But I really love that song. In a new interview, the singer candidly discussed how her breakup from longtime boyfriend, James Lowe, influenced some of the album’s darker tracks. “And I don’t think that song is apologizing for it. By Robyn Collins
Lorde’s new album Melodrama is out today. “It was weird, I woke up in the middle of the night and was lying next to someone. And I wrote it down on my phone and I was like, ‘Oh God, I feel so naughty writing this!’ While somebody’s sleeping, like an evil witch. I feel like it’s such a cool, painful moment in the record.” It’s more like, what did you think was going to happen? A handful of people will listen to this album and have it sort of get them [in the gut].”
“But it was important for me to say,” she went on. Related: Lorde Announces North American Tour Dates
“Writer In The Dark,” is a particularly emotional song which features the lyrics, “Stood on my chest and kept me down / Hated hearing my name on the lips of a crowd… Bet you rue the day you kissed a writer in the dark.”
Lorde discussed the song, telling NME, “I think that when you do this, you have to find a way to live with yourself because it’s not making no one feel anything. I was doing this before I met you and I’ll be doing this after you’re gone… I felt quite empowered.”
The artist even dished about the timing of writing the lyric.